Services for older people

MidCentral DHB support services for older people during COVID-19

Last updated on 18 May 2020

Essential healthcare support services in MidCentral DHB will continue throughout all levels of the national COVID-19 response. Find out more below about support services for older people. 

Changes to home and community support services

The way Home and Community Support Services (HCSS) are provided in the MidCentral District has had to undergo some changes in response to COVID-19. These are the services provided by support workers in homes, and may include helping with showering and dressing, medication oversight, and domestic assistance (eg. cleaning). 

MidCentral DHB HCSS providers will prioritise services in order to care for our most vulnerable people.

As we stand down and revert to a more “business as usual” approach to care delivery, we anticipate the return of non-essential services such as standalone HM.

This means whilst services are ramping up there may be a degree of limited availability to allow support to be redirected to those who need it most.

Please be assured that our providers will carefully monitor anyone who may be put at risk whist we return to normal. The health and wellbeing of our clients and the community are our top priorities and MidCentral DHB and providers will endeavour to do welfare checks via phone for any clients whose services may have been put on hold. 

Disability support services

Many support services have continued to run throughout all levels of the COVID-19 response, adjusting services in response to national guidelines. Find out more about disability support services in the MidCentral region on our disability support services page:

Find out more information about disability support services in MidCentral DHB

EASIE Living

Enable New Zealand’s Palmerston North EASIE Living retail store, demonstration home and disability information centre is taking online, email and phone orders and will be open 5 days a week from Level 2 onward.

Visit EASIE Living’s website (external website)

Contact EASIE Living (external website)

Staying physically active is important

If you are staying at home more, walking is a great way to maintain your general fitness. If you use a walking frame or stick make sure to take it with you. 

When walking keep your shoulders relaxed and let your arms swing (if you’re not using a walking aid), look ahead not down, and have a warm up and warm down of marching on the spot for a few minutes before and after your walk.

Another great way to get some exercise is doing ‘sit to stands’. When watching TV, every ad break try to stand up from your chair and sit back down slowly. Repeat five times. If you are able to, try not to use your hands to push off with. 

If you would like a list of other seated and standing exercises that are safe for older people to do at home then please email:

Additional information

The Ministry of Health has a webpage dedicated to advice for older people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click to visit the Ministry of Health webpage with advice for older people (external website)