Disability support services

MidCentral DHB disability support services during COVID-19

Last updated on 15 February 2021

Essential disability support services at MidCentral DHB will continue throughout all levels of the national COVID-19 response, with some changes. 

CCS Disability

CCS Disability Action is a nationwide organisation that is committed to providing support, advocacy and information for all people with disabilities. Their aim is to ensure everyone gets individualised support, with a special emphasis on supporting isolated rural communities. Fnid out more information about their services during COVID-19 on their website, linked below:

Visit the CCS Disability website  (external website)

View information for the Palmerston North branch of CCS Disability (external website)

Enable New Zealand

Enable New Zealand delivers disability support services in the MidCentral region and across the country. These services include housing and vehicle modifications services, equipment and modifications services, information services and more.

Services that qualify as essential, in line with Ministry of Health guidelines, will continue throughout all levels of the national COVID-19 response. How services are delivered will change across different alert levels.

To find out more about how Enable New Zealand is delivering its services during the national COVID-19 response, click the link below to visit their website.

Find out more about Enable New Zealand's services on their website (external website)

You can also get in touch with staff from Enable New Zealand via their contact us page. 

Contact Enable New Zealand (external website)

EASIE Living

Enable New Zealand’s Palmerston North EASIE Living retail store, demonstration home and disability information centre is taking online, email and phone orders and will be open 5 days a week from Level 2 onward.

Visit EASIE Living's website (external website)

Contact EASIE Living (external website)

Mana Whaikaha

Mana Whaikaha delivers essential disability support services, which will continue throughout all levels of the national COVID-19 response, with some changes.

Mana Whaikaha is continuing to accept new referrals, but has adapted to process these referrals appropriately in line with national guidance.

For more information, you can get in touch with Mana Whaikaha staff via their contact us page. 

Contact the Mana Whaikaha team (external website)

Explore Behavioural Services

Explore Specialist Advice is the national provider of specialist behaviour support to people with disabilities. They work with people who have challenging behaviours that impact on their ability to take part in their community, or who pose a risk to their own or others’ safety. They support the person, their family/whānau and support networks to identify the cause of the challenging behaviour and develop strategies to reduce the impact it has on their lives. 

Explore staff in Palmerston North have been delivering services as they are able in line with Ministry of Health guidelines. For a referral, please contact Mana Whaikaha. 

Idea Services

Idea Services main aim is to provide support for people to live independently in the community, providing facilities and the environment where people with an intellectual disability can best realise their potential. They provide residential and vocational options in Palmerston North, Dannevirke, Fielding and Marton. For more information, visit their website linked below:

Visit the Idea Services website (external website)

MASH Trust

MASH Trust work in partnership with an individual and their family/whānau supports people to lead great lives, whatever it takes. Support can be up to twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, depending on the needs and wants of the person/individual and their family/whānau. For more information, visit the MASH Trust website, linked below:

Visit the MASH Trust website (external website)

View information and contact details for the Palmerston North headquarters  (external website)

NZ Care

NZ Care allows people to continue to be a part of their local community, keep in touch with family and friends, and do the things you enjoy. They offer support either in your own home, in your community, or in our residential services. Find more information on the NZ Care website:

Visit the NZ Care website (external website)


One2One Aotearoa is a newly established provider of individualised and flexible supports to people with disability (tāngata whaikaha) and their family/whānau in MidCentral DHB region. One2One support people with all types of disability to remain living in their family/whānau home, live with a host family or move into their own home in the community. You can contact the office by phoning 06 355 1323 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Visit the One2One website (external website)

Tatou Tatou

Tatou Tatou is a new small organization who work with individuals and their families to enable positive and fulfilling lives. Tatou Tatou do not provide residential accommodation but support people in their own homes. Find more information on their website, linked below:

Visit the Tatou Tatou website (external website)

Go Glow

Go Glow is a private occupational therapy service that is continueing to deliver telehealth services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find out more information on their website, linked below:

Visit the Go Glow occupational therapy website (external website)

Find more information and resources for people with disabilities

For more information, resources and links visit our resources for people with disabilities page, linked below:

Visit the resources for people with disabilities page

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